Mr. Chacon Hoffmann attended the University
of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) for his
Bacherlor’s in Political Science and
commenced his professional duties as part
of Chilean Diplomatic Services.  He actively
participated at the Chilean Consulate General
at Los Angeles as Chancellor and Honorary
Adjunct Consul as well as in Trade
Commissions (1976).  In the years to come
Mr. Chacon Hoffmann specialized in
Intellectual Property matters with studies in
Europe and in the United States of America to
gain expertise in both international and U. S.
prosecution of patents and trademarks.    This
expertise expanded to other areas of
intellectual property services rendered
through U. S. and foreign law firms for over
twenty years.  
A key element of the consulting services
provided Et Seq’s client base, is the
necessary business strategy, international
legal and business contacts and professional
interactions to ensure intellectual property
protection becomes an asset rather than a
financial drain.   
This no nonsense and integrated approach is
unique and brings a viable business model to
individuals, small and mid sized corporations
that require expertise in more than just the
prosecution of a patent or trademark,
precisely where most legal services cease to
Mr. Villalobos Darrigrandi received his
law degree from the University of
Chile, School of Law, in 1966.  During
his years of practice, he has
specialized in civil and business law,
providing legal services to small and
mid size businesses in Chile for local
and international clients.  The practice
areas with special mention have been
real estate, fruit and food exports,
settlement of warranty insurance
policies, formation of business
enterprises in Chile, and
representation of Chilean nationals
outside of the national territory.   

Mr. Villalobos Darrigrandi has served
in the capacity of General Counsel
and Of Counsel to various entities,
including Ugarte & Larrain Real
Estate Builders and Brokers (1966 -
1976);  LB Ice Cream Factory (1980 -
1995), El Esfuerzo Landholdings and
Fruit Exports (2000), among others.   
During 2008 Mr. Villalobos Darrigrandi
was instrumental in coordinating and
assisting the participants of two key
international groups interested in
large size investments in real estate
and tourism.  Mr. Villalobos
Darrigrandi holds private practice in
the capital city of Santiago, Chile."